May 10, 2015

The jury box in the Pershing County, Nevada, Courthouse. Unusually, this jury box is in the middle of the room. Ken Lund from Reno, NV, USA.

Jury Duty? More Like Jury Slavery!

  Six weeks ago, the dreaded notice arrived in the mail: “Dear Citizen, you are summoned for jury duty.” Ugh. Jury duty. I put it on my calendar. As a citizen of this great, powerful and free nation, I should have felt honored at the invitation to participate, but I didn’t. I should have felt […]

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My Thoughts About Minimalism

Less is.

Healthy breakfast.

Two Haiku For You – Happy and Sad

  Morning Haiku She fixes breakfast. I meditate as I wait. Ah! Perfect morning!   Depression Haiku I am so depressed. I will cut myself in half. Where is my chainsaw?  

Andre Cold Duck.

Country Song for Kelly Hogan: Cold Duck

In June 2012 I was listening to Weekend Edition on NPR and caught an interview with Atlanta’s own Kelly Hogan. Known as the “backup singing ninja” and appreciated as a “singer’s singer” she called in some favors to procure songs from friends and collaborators for her new album “I Like to Keep Myself in Pain.” […]

Dangerous redhead

My Mistress

  I can hardly wait to get out of here, For tonight I have a date with my mistress. She’s 18 and single, A bonnie Scottish lass from the foothills of Speyside. When I see her I will grab her by the throat, Twist off her head, And pour the amber blood within her, Into […]

Aeolus God of the Wind

Fall Haiku

Men start their leaf blowers. Aeolus and the trees laugh. Welcome to Autumn.            

Two boys spinning rope as a girl joyously jumps

Spinning Rope

I am six. I am in the first grade. It is recess time on the asphalt playground. Newbury Elementary is right next to the church where I attend Sunday school. The sun is warm, the autumn air is crisp. We are all in our “school” clothes, but we have swapped our leather shoes for “sneakers,” […]

Do not cross this crime scene tape. You won't like what you see.

Rudolph — How the Story Would Unfold Today

With major apologies to Johnny Marks and Robert L. May. We all know the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. A friend called me and let me know about a soulful, Curtis Mayfield-ish version of this song she had just heard. It had touched her in an odd way and she just had to tell me […]

F-4 Phantom just after takeoff.

Captain Andi

  You shaped me in so many positive ways, My mentor. A boss, a friend, a brother, a teacher, a father, A leader of my tribe, Who took nothing from me, Who gave of himself, (just by being himself), And added to my spirit, Wisdom and knowledge, Which have served me well.   The first […]


I Sing the Body Selectric

None of my kids will ever know, What an amazing, technological miracle, The IBM Selectric III was. Poor bastards.   This beautiful device, With it’s interchangeable, silver ball of perfection, Could create great documents.   Each letter, as you typed it, Would appear in print, Instantaneously.   If you messed up, A quick push of […]

The Bully

It enraged me when Johnny knocked Glenda to the ground, but I did nothing. It was fear which held my feet in place. You see, Johnny Starling was the biggest kid in seventh grade. Nobody dared to mess with him even if he had pushed your favorite girl to the ground. Then I saw the pleading look […]